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About Us

Property development and investment

These activities are carried out for own account and also on occasion in conjunction with other investors.

Structured finance facilities

These facilities can take a number of forms including those of loans and equipment or property leases. All our facilities are tailored to the particular circumstances of our customers including their specific tax and accounting requirements. CapPartners role is to act as counterparty, and it does not provide any tax, investment, property or other advice relating to the transaction or the finance facilities.

Please contact us to see how our structured finance facilities may meet your needs.

Consulting services

CapPartners can provide financial consulting services ranging from financial modelling (e.g. of complex property investments) to assistance with optimising property based tax advantages. CapPartners does not provide taxation advice but may on occasion provide specialised taxation consulting, in conjunction with and relying on external taxation advisors, for one off situations particularly of a cross-border nature.

Please contact us to see how our consulting services may meet your needs.

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